Rotary screen


Rotary screen is a facility that removes various impurities collected on the screen by installing it in the inlet waterway of drainage pumping station, water purification, and sewage treatment plant. It is designed in the form of details and items.


Even if a large amount of impurities enters at once, it is possible to continuously lift and remove from each channel to large lakes, so it can easily cope with heavy rain

Easy operation and less breakdown due to simple driving device

The reverse motion part of the lower part of the screen does not use bearings and is composed of guide rails, so there is no cause of failure due to sand, etc

The main part is made of corrosion-resistant material (STS304), which has good durability

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Grit washing machine


Grit washing machine consists of a main body, a sedimentation section, a screw conveyor section, a washing water inlet pipe, an outlet pipe, and a valve. It is a facility that separates and discharges the sand contained in the inlet water by screw rotation.


High efficiency by removing sedimentation and dehydration at the same time

Low power consumption due to operation by water level and timer

Completely enclosed, no odor

Can be installed in a relatively narrow space


Pretreatment facilities for sewage and sewage treatment

Village sewerage and relay pumping station

Dredged material treatment facility

Removal of solids and sedimentation and other sludge

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