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Since its founding in 2004, Reentek Engineering Co., Ltd. has developed a sludge air dryer for dehydrated cakes of sewage and wastewater sludge as a source technology, and has succeeded in commercialization by applying it to domestic disposal plant.

Reflecting the needs of customers, we do not limit our drying technology to sludge, but provide solutions for each type of waste generated site (food residue, mushroom waste medium, ironworks inorganic sludge, etc.) and apply it to various fields.

In addition to sludge cake air dryer, our flagship product, we deliver deodorizer of odor gas droplet obtained with performance certifications, water treatment equipment, dehydrators, conveyors, deodorizers, blowers and storage hoppers to various treatment facilities sites. By doing so, we are accumulating good results.

We have developed a high-efficiency dryer that saves 30% of power energy compared to existing products, and are expanding the field of application to special materials with high-viscosity and non-degradability. In addition, in order to solve the odor problem, which was the biggest problem of wastewater and waste treatment facilities, we have developed and applied a deodorizing facility with a pretreatment facility (droplet separation) on-site, which is receiving good reviews from customers.

Rentech Engineering Co., Ltd., was selected as the “2020 Green New Deal Promising Companies 100” by the Ministry of Environment and is conducting R&D projects related to gasification business using dry matter dried in air dryer. All employees of Reentek Engineering Co., Ltd. are committed to design and production quality and follow-up management. We will provide our best services for the prosperity and happiness of our customers through continuous research and development on not only dehydrated cake treatment facilities, but also plant facilities in the environment and energy fields.

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CEO of Reentec Engineering Co. Eunman Cho