Turbo fan


The turbofan has a long and narrow blade blade, and straight and curved structure, with the tip of the blade curved upward in the direction of rotation. It is a facility that can be applied to various ranges according to design.


Relatively quiet operation when high speed driving (for high static pressure: High Speed)
Solid structure for fixed pressure
Possible to select required air volume and static pressure by diversifying types
Large variation in static pressure due to fluctuations in air volume
When connecting in multiple stages, it creates a fixed pressure through a boosting action
Low noise and high strength airfoil wing
Thorough performance verification by dedicated program
Shipped after verification of the best vibration conditions


Industrial plant equipment

power and nuclear power plant, casting equipment, coke steel feeder, cupola equipment

Pollution prevention facilities

incinerator, dust collection, washing, water treatment facilities, and other general business facilities

Installation site