Turbo blower


Turbo blower is a system that produces compressed air and is applied Air bearing, impeller, high-speed motor, inverter, controller, cooling system technology. It is a single-stage centrifugal turbo type directly connected to a permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) driven by an inverter.


20~40% energy saving compared to existing products

Early recovery of Initial investment : 2 to 3 years

Minimize machine loss by direct connection method

Convenient customer interface application

Provides automatic operation mode

85dB low noise and vibration-free

Only periodic suction filter replacement is required

Automatically check the error and take action

Minimization of installation time


Sewage, wastewater, manure sludge drying

Sewage, wastewater treatment plant aeration, incinerator, sanitary treatment plant, etc

Aeration, collection tank, advanced treatment

Food raw material transfer

Grain transfer and drying

Fish farm oxygen supply

Air transport of powder raw materials

Supply compressed air for spray

Small drying line

Installation site