Tube type link chain conveyor


As a type of chain conveyor, it is a structure that can be transported in three dimensions (vertically, horizontally), which can be used for long distances. It is a facility that can stably transport the conveyed material by equipping circular flights inside the conveying pipe at regular intervals


Prevents odors and scattering by transferring inside the closed pipe

High space utilization by excluding interference by horizontal and vertical & 3D transport

High safety factor of the transport chain and easy replacement when the flight wears out

Various materials can be transferred

Compared to general transport equipment, noise is generated only in the driving part


Sewage treatment plant, manure treatment plant sludge transfer

Transfer of raw materials with a lot of dust during transfer

Transfer of problematic materials due to high moisture during transfer

Transfer of impurities generated during the process

Areas where the transfer section needs to be simplified due to obstacles during transfer

3D modeling


Installation site